Mybook live duo 6tb - speed/duplex


      just got a 6tb live duo, i connect it to my linksys e2000 which is gigabit and the e2000 is connected to my PC nic which is gigabit too. i can see the connection between my e2000 and PC is 1gb.

      how can i check the speed/duplex between the live duo and e2000 ? under the web ui, it does not mention.

also i tried transfering files from PC to live duo, i am only getting 40+ mb/s, how come ?


It’s a bad habit to abbreviate network rates.

Do you mean 40 megaBITS per second or 40 megaBYTES per second?

To see the speed, look at your router’s LEDs and compare them to what the user manual says.

To check the Duplex, you’d need to log in via SSH into the shell and look at some of the network commands.