MYBook Live Duo (6TB Raid 1) direct backup to MyBook Live (3TB)


I’ve been reading through the posts looking for a way to create a DIRECT back-up from 1 network drive to another without the use of a PC to trigger this event.

Can anyone provide a suggestion as to how I can achieve this?

What I think I can do (but don’t know which program to use) is run a process on the Duo that schedules to run on Sunday nights that will copy all files, that do not have the archive bit set, to the MBL.

I realize that there is a little more to this but this is a good startiong point.

Can I achieve this using rsync?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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That’s what Safepoints are for.

Ok, I’ll take that as a suggestion but what about this…

I use a safepoint an a fire occurs. The safepoint now means nothing.

I have the ability to run 3 (3TB) from another building with a cable run to the router that both the MBL and the Duo are connected to. Can we start the question again?

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Well, if you can do that, then the same answer applies.