Mybook live dont work without internet

When i plug out internet cabel from router in my mac i dont see mybook live storage! Why? Is the hard drive absolutely necessary internet connection to be able to send data to or from a mac?

your grammar is making it diffcult to ascertain your issue.  Typical connection is to connect the MBL to your router by lan cable.  Then, transfer your files from a computer in your home through the router to the MBL.  That PC or mac may be wirless or wired to your router.

you can also stream media files from the MBL to any DLNA device attached to the router (again, wireless or wired).

You can also connect the lan cable directly from the MBL to the computer’s lan port for troubleshooting or ease of transfer.

Make sure you have the mbl and your computers on the same workgroup.

Try another router.