MyBook Live disappear from Finder


I’ve got MyBook Live updated to the latest firmware and I don’t know why but sometimes the MBL disappear from my Finder. On WD QuickView there isn’t any hard drive and on the left side of Finder there isn’t any Shared device to connect.

There isn’t any alert from dashboard (that is always accesible from browser). I’ve tried in DHCP and manual IP already but nothing change.

Anyone can help me?

What router do you have? And what if you enable “Connected servers” under finder preferences to allow a desktop icon of the MBL after it’s mapped via SMB? It could be that the drive is working and accessible, just the shortcut not showing up on time and that would be a computer fault.

Also check your router and the MBL log for intermittent connectivity issues, and what router do you have? If you use an Airport Extreme then it won’t help you either since it’s the worst router on earth for non-Apple devices.

I’ve got Netgear WDNR3700.

Yes “Connected servers” is checked.