Mybook Live dashboard problem

Dear MBL users or staff, I bought a Mybook Live 2TB edition to backup my Macbook and iMac. The installation went smoothly, I inserted the disk and it was up and running in no time, until I got to the menu where you can choose wether you want to read some info about backup or manage your dashboard settings. I wanted to create registered users on the disk to protect my own volume and files, but he cannot seem to find the address…(it searches the ip address as it is mentioned in the ‘details’ section in the setup process. The http://Mybooklive.local also doesn’t work in my safari or firefox browser. The only thing I can do is to explore the ‘shared’ part with the shared music, software etc… Also my Time machine works perfectly on ‘guest’ but not on registered user… first question: How do I access the dashboard? Is there an issue with my latest update to Lion? I tried the Bonjour on iMac and Macbook, but it can not make a connection. I do not get the menu as described in the manual… second question: If I create my backups with Time machine on the ‘guest’ MybookLive-Backup partition, is it safely protected against other possible viewers since i didn’t protect it with a password? I couldn’t select ‘registered user’ as mentioned above. Thanks for the help


Have you made the firmware update of the MBL ?

Are you on Lion or Snow Leopard ?

You may have the same issue I had, I recommand you the excellent post here :

You will find very usefull informations also here :

Caution, it will work only if you have enable SSH on the MBL.

If you don’t have a Windows computer, you can use the Terminal of the mac.

To connect to the MBL via SSH, just type :

ssh root@IP adress of the MBL

After you type the password (welc0me if you don’t have change it).

Then, just type the command :

df -h and watch the size of the ramlog-tmpfs line. It must be under 20M

Hope it will help, good luck !

If SSH is not activated, I think you’ll have to bring the MBL back to WD if you don’t want to loose the warranty if you open it to connect the hard drive directly.