MyBook Live constantly blinking green status LED

Yes, I realise it’s an ancient artefact now, but I’m skint and it’s all I’ve got (strictly speaking, it’s my father’s). I downloaded the MyCloud app and the drive is shown there with an IP of, and it shows in the Finder (this is a MacBook Pro running Mojave (10.14.1)). I’ve power-cycled the drive, even left it off overnight last night, but it’s still steadfastly refusing to allow me to connect to it (even though it shows in the MyCloud app and is assigned an IP) and the LED is still blinking a steady green.

This is what I don’t understand; if it has an IP, and is showing up in both the app and the Finder, then why am I receiving an error informing me that the ‘connection failed’…? It’s clearly being located in some way, shape or form, or it wouldn’t show up anywhere.

Any help here, folks…? I’m not even sure what the capacity is (knowing Dad it’ll only be 1TB because, to him, that sounds huge. This is really his MBP, and he only ordered it with 1TB (back then the maximum was only 2 anyway, but 2 would’ve given me a bit more breathing space (and I don’t like the way Apple forces download of all your photos from the cloud on every device and every account). I’ve been using it because his early-2012 MBP isn’t dead yet.

But, anyway, I need to shift some stuff off here - help!

Hi AtheneNoctua,

You can perform 4 second reset on My Book Live then unplug n plug back in the power cable to check for the drive status . This will initialize the network connections with the server and would be able to sign in.