MyBook Live And Windows 8

In an effort to keep this thread alive.  Submitted an email support request as well.

Having the same problem with the new Windows 8/64 notebook I got.  Same issues noted by jsjgamer & others.  

WDLink shows the IP addresses of the 4 Mybook Live drives on the network (1tb, 2tb, & Mybook Duo) but none of the shares.

Still have good access by the WinXP and the Win7/32 machines on the network but I expect from now on new machines will be Win8/64 to stay with the current OS/Hardware.

Will see if I can find the Dashboard username work-around that Deutch mentioned.  Since I’ve got the shares permissioned based on family members this isn’t an ideal work-around.

The tech support team has been notified with this issue, I will come back and update this thread when I get any updates.