MyBook Live and Router - what's the right setup?

Hello everybody!

I’ve been using the MyBook Live for almost a year now and after some trouble at the beginning I managed it to work correctly, everything was fine.

But now something has changed:

We just got a new internet provider and a new router (due to moving to a new city). Today I wanted to do a Timemachine backup after a month, but it took nearly an hour for 600MB to be “backupped” :frowning: Quite slow… (another 11GB were waiting… )

My question is, how do I set up the router and the mybook live for the best possible result?

Here’s my equipment:

  • Macbook Pro (mid 2010), running Snow Leopard

  • MyBook Live, current Firmware (just updated it)

  • Thomson TWG870UG Router (I know this router has Gigabit and 802.11n, so it should be fast, shouldn’t it?!

Any suggestions?!

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best regards from Austria,


Well, in general, one should never need to configure a router for applications that are running entirely on ones home network.  Only time one should need to make specific configuration changes to a router is when trying to do something to or from the internet.

Hello everybody!

Thank you for your reply, Tony!

What I did yesterday: I went into the config menu of the TWG870 and changed 802.11 Band from 2.4 to 5 GHz (I read that n-draft likes 5GHz for best speed), set the 802.11 n-mode to AUTO (AUTO or OFF) and set the bandwith from 20MHz to 40MHz. Control channel was/is set to 36, I also set 54g Protection to AUTO, XPress Technology to ENABLED, 802.11n Protection to AUTO and the MULTICAST RATE to AUTO. When I left in the morning I started time machine again and guess what: Speed is moving between 8 - 10 MB/s according to the activity monitor!

Well, n-draft and Gigabit should give me up to 600Mbit/s, so around 75MByte/s shouldn’t it? According to the web, real n-draft speed should be up to 240Mbit/s, so rather 30MByte/s

  • Where do I loose the other 20MB/s of speed? I like the new speed, it’s really working now, but it could be faster :slight_smile:

The macbook is positioned around 4 meters away from the router, the harddrive is around 30 - 50 cm away from the router.

Anyone, any ideas?! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Best regards from Austria,