Mybook Live 3TB over gigabit wndr4500 only 100mbit speed

I have speed issues with my drive. I have checked my cables that they can transfer at about 50mb/s with my laptop and the same cable connected from my server over my router netgear wndr4500(gigabit router). When i try to transfer with the Mybook it is limited to 100mbit speed and lies around 10-11mb/s. I use linux and use nfs to transfer files and as i can understand the mybook is also linux and use nfs as well. I am at a loss and do not know how to proceed. To be limited to 100mbit over gigabit network is painfull when doing backups! Is it somehow how i mount the nfs share that is the problem? I have in my fstab file: /home/ubuntu/Backup/NasFilm nfs soft 0 3

Any ideas how to check if the mybook is working properly? I have the latest firmware and it doesnt help.

Sometimes it is funny how things turn out…I mounted the wd mybook live differently and now it acutally has 30mb/sek that is 3 times better and is enought for me :slight_smile: Here is how i changed my mount in fstab for someone with same issuer: /home/ubuntu/Backup/NasFilm                 nfs  soft                  0       3


Hi BengtAkeVarg, welcome to the Community. Nice to hear it’s working fine again.

Funny that i found the answer as i was writing…I guess it is important to ask the right questions :stuck_out_tongue: