Mybook Live 3TB cannot backup Windows Vista partition

I have tried to perform partition backups using Norton Ghost 14 onto a Mybook Live 3TB.  Ghost appears to create the backup, but at the end I get a message about file header being corrupted.  I get the same message if I simply try to copy an 8GB file (a previously stored image of the same partition) onto the network-mapped Mybook drive.  Is there a file size limit on the Mybook Live 3TB?  If so, this would make it useless for doing full partition backups.

I have copied 8.5GB ISO files to my MBL, so I don’t think so.

I have also copied 8GB files to MBL successfully since I posted this question.  So the question of file size limits is now mute.  Sorry I forgot to update this posting, but thanks for the reply anyway.