MyBook Live 2TB Personal Cloud is killing my internet connection

I’ve had my Personal Cloud hooked up to my wireless router for about a year or so with no problems. Now, whenever my Personal Cloud is plugged in to my wireless router, my internet connection gets stopped (blue lights on the router turn orange and blink) and my computers, etc. can no longer connect to the internet through the router. If I unplug my Personal Cloud, the lights go blue again and my other devices can connect. What could cause this?

Find out what the lights on your router mean…  Maybe you can post the brand & model # of your router.

It’s a Belkin N+ wireless router (F5D8235-4 v1000). The two lights that blegin to blink when I plug in the WD drive are the modem status and the Internet status lights. Solid blue modem status means router is connected to modem and functioning properly. Blinking oranges modem status means there is a problem with the modem. Solid blue Internet status means the router is connected to the Internet. Blinking Internet status means there is a problem with connecting to the Internet. All according to the user manual. The two lights I mentioned stay solid blue when the WD drive is not connected, but as soon as I plug it in, they both blink orange. So far I’ve tried: restarting the modem, router, and WD drive; plugging the WD drive Ethernet cable into a different Ethernet port on the router; resetting the router and reconfiguring the security settings. Still have the same problem.