MyBook Live 1Tb slow transfers over wireless and wired

I have a laptop with N wireless and gigabit ethernet connected through a Linksys E2000 gigabit router with cat5e 4 pair wire. The max transfer speeds I can seem to achieve are ~22 MB over the wired connection and around ~2 MB over N wireless… All drivers are up to date and all firmware are their latest versions…no Antivirus running…  If I run an internet speed test I receive ratings of about 13 Mb.

Is this the best I can expect? What am I missing? Other owners seem to be able to hit 50-70 over a wired connection…

thanks in advance for any assistance


People are going to report wildly different results with wireless.  That’s just the way it is.

But over WIRED, you should be able to get 220 to 250 megabits per second.

I totally understand the varied wireless results, but I am not getting nearly that amount of throughput… How can I independantly measure what speeds I’m seeing? Is there some utility you can recommend?

Well, it might help if we use unambiguous units.

If I’m reading your stuff right, you say you get 13 megabits per second on  your internet, and you’re getting 2 megaBYTES to and from your NAS.     That’s roughly the same amount.

Your quoted units are correct…  but I just wanted to reference the internet download speed as a reference for external communication speed.  Inside my house, I would assume I can get a little faster throughput… but its the wired that really bothers me…  and as of this writing, I updated the automatic backup software and now it no longer recognizes my drive and I get a no backup partition available error…

22 MegaBYTES per second is nothing to shake a stick at!   That’s about 170 megabits per second.   

I’ve measured 220 to 250 megabites per second, but that was using a High-performance 6-core Linux Workstation and dedicated Gigabit Ethernet end to end.

Getting 1MBps over wired connection. It is going through 10/100 network but still 1MBps is ridiculous.  Can someone help?

Perhaps some part of your network is only doing 10 megabits.