Mybook live 1TB not showing pictures

I have had this drive for over a year and just recently it decided to not show me my pictures. Heres what is happening. I have the drive partitioned into several other drives… A drive B drive etc. I have access to all the shares. My work photos are stored on the P drive/share. I have access to it. When I click on the folder that has the pictures in it, I can see the list of pics. 1.jpg etc. with the default pc picture icon. It does not show my a thumbnail of the photo. I have to click and open each photo to see what the photo is.  When I first open the folder the pictures load… and some are shown as a thumbnail and some are not… as they all “load” they all go back to the default pc icon.

please advise.

This is what it looks like…

this is what it should look like.

desktop thmb.JPG

Try to diagnose drive. Access setting in dashboard then click utilities and run a diagnostic test.

Right click inside the folder and click view and choose large icon…

ive done the right click show as large file extra, changed the view, tried it all. they show for a secone the go to the default.

why does MyBook lag so much? I have been doing a diagnose test since around 10am this morning… it is now 410 pm and only at 90%

Check this link  hope this will help you. You might want to try using a different ethernet cable.