MyBook Ignoring my set drive letter


I have 3 My Book WD external drives that I use (one at a time) for backing up my server. Each day, I swap out the connected drive and use the next one in sequence. I have used the OS Disk Management utility (Windows 2008 Server) to force the WD external drives to always connect with drive letter G:


Only one of the WD external drives will connect successfully as drive G: The other two drives will connect, unlock, but show up as drive H: and there will be another drive listed as “CD WD Unlock” and the WD Unlock utiliity .exe is the only .exe on that drive.

How can I force all 3 of the WD external drives to use drive G: ? (My backup batch files point to drive G: so at the moment, until this is fixed, I have to manually modify my batch file every time I plug in a different WD external drive)

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi, unfortunately I have not tried this, hopefully another user will be able to provide some guidance or assistance.