MyBook Home Edition Questions

Have been using MB HE 1T with G4 Mac running OS 10.4.11 for past year w/o any problems. Evidently the drive format is currently FAT 32 based upon "get Info’. Now have acquired intel-based iMac running OS 10.6.5 which I want to backup to the MB HE 1T using Time Machine. Based upon responses in Apple Discussions, I have decided to reformat the MB HE 1T and split into 3 partitions. Two for the G4 which has two 75GB HD’s and the third one for the iMac. Obviously, once reformatted the disk will be clean. Before beginning can someone help me answer the following questions:

  1. Firmware - I cannot seem to locate any information on what firmware is current active. All I can find is a reference to WD Drive Manager 2-24a.dmg which leads me to thing the latest firmware update v.2.25.125 may not be installed.

Question: should I update to the latest firmware?

Additional Information: based upon the negatives here @ this Discussion concerning the lack of support for OS 10.6.x , I am not planning to utilize the WD software for the iMac (as noted above will use TM) and based upon responses from the Apple Discussion site, since I won’t be able to utilize TM on the G4 running OS 10.4.11, it was recommended to use either SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Clone.

Question: for the G4 running OS 10.4.11, would anyone recommend that I use the WD Backup software after the disks have been reformatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)? rather than one of the two software programs named above?

Question: if it is recommended to update to the latest firmware, should that be done before I reformat using the iMac Disk Utility program?

Question: presently, I have the MB HE 1T connected to the G4 via firewire and to the iMac via USB at the same time so after shutting down which ever computer the MyBook is currently connected to and then rebooting the other computer, I can have the MyBook active on the other computer.

Question: does anyone see a problem with this arrangement?

Question: is there anything else I should take into account before proceeding?

Thanks. I want to get started as quickly as possible, so anyone who feels comfortable providing feedback sooner rather than later, thank you iin advance for your time & effort.


First I don’t know about Mac but my opinion of these firmware updates is  to see  if there is something in it you need. If everything is working OK then apply If it ain’t Broke Don’t fixit. I fried my video card earlier this year grabbing the newest driver for Windows 7. Turned out there was a bug that affected the fan speed. So if it’s not a security issue or resolving a problem I pass or at least wait and see if others have problems. These WD firmware updates have prodeced some problems if you look at the posts here.

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Thanks Joe for the good advice. I’ll go back and read about the firmware update. I scanned it, but didn’t read it intently.

Came up with two more questions associated with my initial questions:

  1. If I were to do the firmware update, would I do it before or after I go about erasing the MB?

  2. I noticed there are two different software (apps?) downloads available for the Mac. One is for OS 10.4.x and the other is for OS 10.5.x and 10.6.x. Once the MB is partitioned (two partitions for the two HD’s on the G4 running OS 10.4.11) do I need to have the WD OS 10…4.X software loaded onto the G4? 

I will go back and reread all the information I can find available on this site, but if someone can answer these questions, please do.

Thanks again Joe and anyone else who adds their two cents (or common sense) here.



Am going to cover what steps I took in case others might be interested.

  1. Spent quite a bit of time “getting info” on each file that was already loaded on the G4 and the MyBook from when it was purchased (Jan/ '10) and subsequently loaded and placed into operation.

  2. Compared version #'s and file/application creation dates with the most recent versions currently listed on the WD website software/download pages.

  3. Came to the conclusion that everything was almost exactly the same which sort of made sense since the creation dates were '08 and '09 and I bought the unit at the beginning of '10.

  4. Since I was going to reformat the MyBook to Mac OS (journaled), I downloaded the latest Mac version of the software to utilize after reformatted was completed.

  5. I next uninstalled the existing WD Anywhere Backup software from the G4. Before doing so, I did a complete search of the G$ HD to see where any files were being kept. After uninstalling and rechecking, I can say the uninstall  application did its job quite well.

  6. After erasing and reformatting the MyBook, I created 4 partitions. The largest for the iMac and three small ones for the two internal 75 GB HD’s on the G4 and a 40 GB for another external HD connected to the G4 which contains the older OS 9.2.2 operating system and files which this particular G4 can operate.

  7. Next I downloaded, unzipped and reloaded the WD Anywhere Backup software on the G4.


8a. First, do not have any file sharing services opened up. I had to shut down and start all over because the software was attempting to back up the iMac!

8b. Second, if you have more than one partition set up that you want to back up, then you need to create your own backup plan right at the beginning. There seems to be no way of stopping the auto backups once they begin without starting all over. Quite a problem in my humble opinion. 

  1. As I set up each o the three Backup Plans for the three HD’s, the software began immediately. Again, no “on/off button” for you to utilize once your prepared to begin and observe what is taking place. By the time I finished setting up the third Backup Plan, the other two had already started.

  2. Well, two out of three isn’t two bad. As I write this, the smaller two backups had completed yesterday, but the third one (about 65 GB) has been “processing scanned files” for the better part of a full day now. I’ve tried stopping and restarted the G4, stopping and restarting the Background Service, but to no avail. I am going to post a new question/subject to see if someone can help me figure out what to do next.


Hi Joe. I took your advise (see details of the steps i took) and checked all the versions, etc. and then proceeded.

So, I am going to mark your recommendation as the solution since it doesn’t seem to make sense to give myself credit for doing all the work :smileyvery-happy:

Anyway, I’m having a problem with the third Backup Plan working which I am going to post in a new subject as soon as I finished this note to you. Thanks for getting me to do the “work”. It always pays off to think slowly, logically and to take meticulous notes before proceeding…