MyBook Home Edition Media Playback Problems

I have the 1.5TB MyBook Home Edition with the eSATA, USB, and Firewire.  Now I mainly use this drive to store and edit video files.  When I go to play the video it will playback fine sometimes and other times the video will start skipping/freezing.  Then I have to exit out of the media player and do something else for a few minutes and it will occasionally start working again other times I will have to wait longer. 

I know i probably didn’t explain the problem that well but if anyone has any suggestions as to what the problem is and how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.

People may need more info to help you.  How are you playing the videos, i.e. from the drive to your computer?  What OS?  What kind of videos - file types, codecs, etc.?  What software are you using to play the videos? 

OS: Vista Home Premium (64 bit)

4 gb RAM

nvidia 9800 GTX+

Using CCCP as the codec

Playback issues not with one program but with all (ie WMP11, Media Player Classic, and Windows Media Center, iTunes)

Also the playback issues are for all filetypes (.avi, .mkv, .mp4, also does it for audio files)

I have the drive connected via firewire currently but problem persists with both firewire/usb connection.

Also the files themselves are fine as if I copy them to my computer hd they run with no problems.

And because this might be related, it will occasionally become sluggish when navigating through the files on the external.

If anymore info is needed just let me know and i will provide it.

I have had the same problem playing music. If I have several applications running and I play music off my WD 1.5 TB home edition ext. drive with itunes - the music will get choppy and skip quite often. I was thinking maybe it’s just because it’s a slower drive - 5400 RPM rather than the normal 7200 RPM…?