MyBook HD problem and error message

Apparently my 2 TB MyBook SATA has a problem. I backed up the data, and even though the disk has been ejected, I keep getting these two error messages every couple minutes.

One says the disk has a problem and the other says “run mybook RAID manager for more details and contact technical support for help.” I couldn’t find where to download a viable version of “my book manager” for mac. 

I can’t fathom why an error message about RAID would come up. My computer doesnt even have a raid card installed, and the drive was connected via firewire. 

Someone please help me get rid of these incessant error messages! I don’t even care about the drive. Thanks!

The error messages did not stop after reformatting the disk.

They did, however, stop after a reboot. 

Disk Utility says the disk has been repaired and is fine. Don’t see how it’ll be usable now though.