MyBook giving Me issues but I cannot find where to get firmware, diag or kb

This is a MyBook I got at BestBuy. It might be a biz line.

1 to 1.5TB use to hold rendering files, videos and backups. I though Seagates were going down hill but this thing is 6 months old I cannot keep affording buying a new one in fear the refurb’s will ■■■■. I have no idea what brand to by next. But maybe this is just a firmware glitch I hope. I still have to hook up to USB and another PC first.

Here is the model. This on has a eSata port.


Any idea where the support page is?

Thank you,

Eric Vogel

Nevermind. Logged into and it listed the model there. Still could not find it till I typed it in.

You might want to post what the drive is doing, or what the problem is.  That way someone can help you better.

Sorry for the delay, I had to find time to test on another PC. You can find the post here.