MYBook for Mac

I tried to set up my drive and in the process my dive has disappeared. I can get my cd but not the external drive icon . I work on a macbook pro  with time machine. I never got the message acknowledging time machine when I was setting up and now I can no longer do anything. I uninstalled and still have no icon.

If you are planning to use the WD MyBook for Time Machine.

I would suggest you to not install the WD Smartware software.

If you have already installed the WD Smartware, Please uninstall it.

Here is what you need to do:

a. Unplug all power cable and firewire cable from the WD external drive.

b. Restart the MacBook Pro computer. Wait for all icons to show up before move on.

c. Re-plug the firewire cable to the WD external drive.

d. Re-plug the power cable to the WD external drive.

     wait a few minute for the drive to be recognized.

    Time Machine pops up may show up.

     if yes, go ahead say yes to Time machine.

    If Time machine is not showing up. You need to re-format the WD external l drive.

    Keep the WD external drive plug in.

    Go to Go on the apple menu.

    Go down to the Utilities. 

    Select  Disk Utility.

    Highlight WD MyBook drive

    Click on Partition.

    Under Volume Scheme click on Current then select 1 Partition.

    Click on Options and select GUID Partition Table, then OK to accept it.

    Click on Apply.

    Click on Partition.

     When it finish, unplug the WD external drive and re-plug it.

    The Time machine show pops up and you can use it.