MyBook Esssential 2TB Not Turning OFF after PC Shutdown

Hi there ,

i recenlty bought a MyBookEssential 2TB USB3.0, and had no problem with it until yesterday .

i noticed that after shutting down my PC , the HDD wouldnot turn off , and insteaad the LED would start Blinking …

i don;t know what caused that , but as far as i can remember , it used to turn off with my Pc …

any help would be appreciated

i want it to turn off with my PC , and to turn on with it …

thanks !

EDIT : it’s written on the online documentation that the blinking means that the device is on standby mode , But why on STAND BY ??? since i Turned the PC off , it should turn off too …

( if i disconmnect the USB cable , the blinking stops …)

The USB port on your PC is responsible for this. It should shut down its 5V supply when PC turned off. But some PC keep these ports live in order them to wake up from remote wake up command. e.g. Wake up from a modem or a network device. Check your BIOS Power settings for possible issue. Also check Connected USB device properties – (USB Root Hub > Power Management tab) and deselect check mark on “Allow this device to wake the computer”.

hi ,

thanks for the reply

done the things that u mentioned in bios , and in system properties  , but my USB3 Root hub didn’t have power management tab ,

whats strange is also that if i EJECT the device using windows it still goes to standby mode

but if i do it using SmartWare Western , it Shuts down …

You did not mention Smartware in your first post. As you can see Smartware always outsmart you!

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