Mybook Essential working beautifully...except

I Dropped a project folder (about 15 GB) from my Cubase recording software over to the MyBook…then dumped from my main drive. Today I went to retrieve the folder and it and everything in it are designated  “archive” files…like this: “arc_1003197463524…etc.” I don’t remember telling the MyBook to convert to archive or anything like that.

I desparately need these files…but can’t find a way to restore them to their original Cubase extensions. I’ve right clicked and told Windows to open the files with Cubase…but all that does is open the Cubase software.

I wonder if I should have created a folder on the MyBook and then dragged individual files to it. That’s what I’ve done with other files and they remain intact. But this one I grabbed up as an entire folder and dragged over to the MyBook without first designating a folder…really though…I’m clueless :smiley:


I sent the file to the drive via BU software…had to be brought back (restored) via same software.

Thank you for coming back and letting us know how you solved your issue!