MyBook Essential USB 3 3 TB not recognized on win XP and read/write speeds on usb 3?

hi, i just bought a new MyBook Essential USB 3 with a 3TB capacity and have been moving some files to it from my laptop which uses a Windows 7,  and it works fine. i’m partitioning it into 5 partitions:

  1. 46.5 GB FAT32

  2. 93 GB NTFS

  3. 838GB HFS+

  4. 838GB HFS+

  5. 977 GB HFS+

i’m using MacDrive to access and write the HFS+ partitions. after moving some files from my laptop, i’m trying to access it from my XP PC an it does not detect the MyBook, only detecting it as a Mass Storage Device.

Fearing the worst, i plug it to ANOTHER win 7 laptop, and turns out to work just fine.

i already installed ses drivers and things but it’s not detected in the xp computer… any solutions?

and i also have tested the MyBook using a usb 3.0 port on my laptop and it only reaches 30 MB-ish/s speeds, is it normal?



check the cable. Some cables work fine with USB 2 but not for USB 3.

Also check the XP’s Universal Serial Bus controllers in the device manager and make sure they are all functioning.

Not sure about the transfer speed. The max for USB 2 for the My Book is around 480 Mb/sec Max

and  5 Gb/s for USB 3.     Thats 5 Giga bits. Not Giga Bytes.

Those are Mega Bits for the USB2 , so the max for USB 2 is 48 Mega Bytes /sec. So 30 is reasonable for a USB 2 transfer.

thanks for the suggestion, but i’ve tried using a compatible usb 2 cable which works with the laptop, but not the pc.

and for the speed, yes i am aware of the bit/byte thing, and i said i was testing it on th USB 3 port, not USB2, any ideas?



Your USB Hub Controllers have a fixed amount of bandwidth which they must share with any other connected devices. Your answer may lie somewhere there for the speed. I’m not an expert on all the cables but have heard that a USB 2 cable can only give USB 2 speeds. A little confused with your last post. You stated you used a compatible USB 2 cable on the laptop. Wouldn’t that explain the speed ?  Regardless.

Check your USB Root Hubs . Find the USB 3 Controller . You will need to right click on all  the  USB Root Hubs until you find the one you are looking for.

Click Properties/Advanced. This will tell you what speed its running at ; Full, High, or Super. There is also an option not allow the computer to turn device off to save power under the Power  Management tab. Not sure if that would be relevant or not. Device manager would be a good place to start troubleshooting I would think.

Sorry don’t think I can help on the partitions. I have heard that a FAT32 has to be the first partition. Looks like you are good there.

I have heard of  the three partitioning  schemes, MBR,  Apple Partition Map/APM, and GUID. I think Windows needs to see the MBR  scheme on that first partion to access the files. Been awhile since I did any multiple partioning so I will just  let someone else chime in on that.

Also have heard from others who had problems with XP recognizing external HDD from USB2 ports using USB3 cables. They said they pulled the plug out a few millimeters and that worked . XP then recognized the external drive.