MyBook Essential USB 3.0 not usable in Smartware

Hi All,

I’ve bought a 1TB MyBook Essential USB 3.0 recently, the first time it was attached to my pc windows 7x64 it was formatted as ntfs filesystem via windows disk management utility. Then I installed the ses drivers and the smartware(downloaded from WD web site). The problem is that Smartware cannot allow to use the drive as a backup device nor it let me access the device setup section for the drive itself, also firmware update doesn’t recon the drive.

I noticed that the ses drivers are installed properly but no WD ses device instance is present on the device list in windows hardware management utility.

I’m puzzled, I tried on a Mac too but smartWare doesn’t recon it.

Could you help?:cry:



Check on Disk Management or Disk Utility ( Mac) to see if the drive is there and needs to be formatted

Even though it was previously formatted it the partition can be damaged if you disconnected without safely ejecting