MyBook Essential Smartware for multiple PCs


I got a new MyBook Essential and was wondering what the best way was to backup two pcs. I have been hearing how people have been having lots of problems with the WD smartware, but is it worth installing for the security? Win 7 backup software would work just fine, right? Any advice? Should I install WD Smartware if I intend on backing up more than 1 pc on this HD? Does it matter if the pcs use different OS (win XP vs. win 7)? Would it be better to partition the HD so that each pc has its own drive?

Thanks in advance.

Smartware will backup the two computers no matter the OS, it will just create a backup with each computer name. However, if the Windows backup application is working for you and you do not own a top secret CIA classified information I don’t see any reason for changing the software.

Thanks for the reply. I am thinking of creating separate partitions on the drive, but I don’t want to lose the bundled drivers and Smartware on the external (just in case). Anyone know how to do this in Windows 7?