Mybook Essential lock icon flashing, and i cant access to the device

i bought a mybook essential 1T two weeks ago and gave it to a friend yesterday to send him something. when my device got back i connected it to the computer, a clock sound was made and the device has a flashing lock icon… also my computer dont recognize anything when i connect the mybook… plz help? :frowning:

Hi dude, did your friend create a password? o.o

First thing is contact your friend and see if he set a password. You only get 6 attempts and you are totally locked out.


he didnt create password… he also got this problem… i was about to send him “how i met your mother” but the device was already locked…

If you don’t find  help to resolve this there is something I’ve wondered about. I just asked Bill a while ago in this post  I would try that as a last resort. This depends a bit you your computer ability too. It’s not as complicated as it sounds when you look at the site. You make the disk then boot from it and after it loads find your way through to the drive. Nothing is actually loaded on your PC it runs from disk and most likely some type of temp file.


you mean all my data will deleted?? :open_mouth: and where is the disk managment?

To access Disk Management you can click on Start, Control Panel and go to Administrative Tools, then to Computer Management and on the panel on the left side click on Disk Management.

Another way is to click on Start, and Right Click on top of Computer, and click on Manage, which will take you to Computer Management.