MyBook Essential Just Won't Mount

I purchased a new MyBook Essential a couple of weeks ago. I formatted it to work with my Macs per your telephone support instructions. Now, when I plug it in, it will not mount. I have tried reformatting it and starting from scratch. It mounts the first time, but when I unplug it and then plug it back in to the same Mac or  a different one, it does not mount. Now it does not even show up in OSX Disk Utility anymore, or in WD SmartWare.

What do I do?

Hi there, Do you safely remove the drive before disconnecting it? You need to Drag the My Book Icon to the Trash before disconnecting it. At this point my advice to you is to test the drive for errors to confirm it has not been damaged.

If the drive wasn’t ejected before unplugging the usb cable there are a lot of probabilities that the drive is defective. Test it using the link provided above, and if the drive have too many bad sectors or if the drive is faulty, then contact WD to replace it.