MyBook Essential incomplete backup with smartware

AFter retrieving files to my new Windows 7 laptop, backup completed for all but the “Pictures” category.  The background of this subset has stayed yellow on the display and the box on MyBook is grey.  Also, the retrieved image files of my new computer on the external drive are shown as deleted in this category aIthough I did not delete them on my laptop (and they are still there!).  This occurred 1 week ago and remains.  Yesterday, i re- retrieved the category which showed up on my display prperly. 24 hours later the second 12.8GB worth of Pics has NOT moved from the “retrieved” category.

Hi there, what version of Smartware do you use? Most of the time updating to helps to solve the stalled backup… if not, since you have W7, why not using Windows Backup since it’s more powerful than Smartware?