Mybook essential edition help ( updated )

The drive works (reads and writes), but it fails the smart test, quick drive test and the full drive test. Smartware reports the temperature is OK.

Used the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows 1.17 (raw read error rate value:1  threshold:51  worst:1 warranty:1  (what does this mean?) the others passed.

quick test result  cable fault:write sector error! cable test failed ! please check the cables. Which cable usb or internal .

 extended test same result   smart status: fail / test result: fail test error code: 11-cable test:write sector error!.

Can this problem fixable without replacing the drive.

Can someone answer this it seems a common problem. Could I just carry on using it as there are no other problems


 the raw read error rate has increased to 56.

does this mean the the value will rise above the threshold, therefore passing the smart test again.

the drive has only been on 71  hours.

the western digital  utility said fail, wd smartware now passed quick smart status test and the quick drive test.

another utility said the drive now passes the smart test.

Could this be a bug in your software

smart value==health value

you can search smart on Wiki for more information. pay attention on your data. keep copy with them.

Are you saying the drive that the drive and as long as I regularly check the health of the drive there shouldn’t be any problems?

The value for  raw read error rate is now 96. Could you explained the cable fault test and whether it could be solved by replacing the usb (Type A to Mini Type B) cable?


i never use any cable test. i don’t think it’s cable problem.

What problem do you think it is?

Should It be ignored as wd windlg says it fails and another utility says it passes.

Can it be fixed without returning it?

using vista

for me i never do any test if drive works fine.

you can software for check it have bad sectors or no. and check the smart data. about smart you can search on WIki for know more about it. software e.g  MHDD. victoria

Look here: