MyBook Essential doesn't work after reboot

Hello there. This drive works perfectly fine on my laptop, but all **bleep** breaks loose if I try to connect it to my HTPC (AsRock Vision 3D 137B)

Windows will only find my harddrive, if I connect it while Windows is running. If I try to reboot while it’s connected, I have to reconnect both the power and the usb cable for the drive to work. Furthermore, the drive doesn’t seem to recognize when the computer is going to sleep or is shutting down, hence the harddrive will always run, and the LED is always on. 

I have the exact same problem if I enter hybernation. Furthermore, the power button on the drive seems to do nothing when I press it.

The drive works perfectly fine, if I connect it while windows is running, but it’s really a pain in the **bleep**, to disconnect and reconnect both the power- and usb cables everytime I want to use it.

I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, I have the newest drivers and bios for my pc, and the newest firmware for the harddrive. I’ve tried using different USB3 ports, and USB2 ports aswell, but I have the same problem all the time. Are there any hope, or is my computer simply incompatible with MyBook Essential?

Please help me!!

Hi dude, what if you check the drive for erros using Smartware under settings> drive settings> diagnostics?

Error massage in backuping.

Can I delite  backupplan  and built a quite new one.

Massage problems  sent to WD  but no replyes.


Okay, I just discovered, that the disk only fails, when I press the reboot button. If I manually power my computer off and on, there are no problems at all. Seems to me, like it’s a problem with my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Any ideas out there?

I am having exactly the same issue with my Windows 7 64bit. I have to manually turn the power off from the power outlet each time I restart the windows which is frankly very inconvenient.

Were you able to sort it out.? I am amazed that none of the WD support staff has replied with a solution …