Mybook Essential blocking files


We have a new Mybook Essential external hard drive which we purchased to replace our Astone drive as we needed a larger hard drive.  With our old hard drive we could play video files from our hard drive through our TV.  With our new Mybook the files don’t show up.  We have done some troubleshooting already. 

The hard drive has been formatted for PC and for Mac

We have put the same files onto a usb and plugged it straight into the tv - videos show up and play normally

We have put the USB into my computer - videos show up and play normally

It seems to be the hard drive itself blocking the files from playing.  The files are mkv files.

Please help!

Most TV’s only recognize hard drives formatted on FAT32, another problem might be that the TV doesn’t recognized lager hard drives than 1TB, in case the one that you are using has 2TB or 3TB.