MyBook Essential 3TB supported by ShareSpace?

I purchased a MyBook Essential 3TB to use with the ShareSpace but it’s having issues.


  • attached MyBook to USB port 2, shows up as “USB Disk 2-1”

  • format MyBook using ShareSpace USB formater, completes ‘good’

  • MyBook is mounted as usb2-1share1 share

  • copy data to usb2-1share1 share

  • come back 24 hours later and data appears corrupt

  • disconnect and reconnect MyBook and data is fine

Is problem due to the MyBook being larger than 2TB?


I’d dare to say yes since drives larger than 2TB have 4K sectors and are horrible for the FAT32 file system that the SS will give to USB drives…

I think that the ShareSpace does not support USB drives bigger than 2 TB… I could be wrong.

Besides, FAT 32 in a 3 TB or bigger drive size is really unstable. As thepizza says HORRIBLE file system.