MyBook Essential 3TB problem with LG 32LV3400

I have LED TV LG 32LV3400 and I have bought MyBook Essential 3TB to use it with this TV.

At first I couldn’t use the drive until I made partitions under 1TB and in FAT32 (at that point only first partition was readable by TV).

It worked fine until I filled up the partition and now everytime I plug it in some files (folders) get lost. When I do disc-check (I  am unable to use drive without it) it tells me that files are being truncated and that is it - I can retreive them from FOUND.### folders by changing the name (extension) and copying it to somewhere else.

The newest problem whick occured was that a lot of files (videos and photos) were unreadable by TV (bad format or file), but when I copy them to memorystick (4GB NTFS) it reads them without problems…

I’ll recommend you to format your drive and copy the files one more time, the unit seems to be corrupt.