MyBook Essential 2tb virtual CD warning DO NOT BUY!

Just awanted to warn everyone that the idiots at WD have decided to save a few cents per drive by putting a permanent virtual cd on their drives.  Instead of the tried and true method of including an installation cd or just putting the installation files on the drive itself, WD has put the files on a permanent VCD.  So if you buy this drive you will have another cd drive pop up in your my computer every time the drive is plugged in.  What is makes it worse is that the software is totally lame and unneccessary other than a simple driver which shouldn’t even be needed(my other drives haven’t needed a special driver).  What I want is just a simple external usb  drive that shows up as a hard drive when it is plugged in.  I will never buy another WD product.  I passed up a seagate drive that was $30 less to buy this one because I have had great experiences with other mybook products, Big MIstake!! 

There is a new Smartware software update that allows you to hide the VCD. However, the software still ■■■■■. I am thinking of reformatting the drive and removing all traces of WD Smartware. I hope the drive will work like a normal external drive after reformatting.