MyBook Essential 2TB USB 3.0 (WDBACW) issue

Don’t know if this is an issue people are having, don’t think it’s a big deal, but wanted to post just in case people were having goofy problems with the MyBook Esential 2TB USB 3.0.

When I connect it to a USB2.0 port the drive turns onand it works perfectly, but when I connect it to a USB 3.0 port it turns on, but Windows (Win7) won’t do anything. The “Safely Remove Hardware” icon won’t show up in the tray, the drive won’t show in “My Computer”, and it won’t show in Disk Management. Not being able to use it as a USB 3.0 drive would mean it goes back to the store, but I found that if I turn the drive on, then connect it to a USB 3.0 port it works perfectly. Not sure if there’s a setting to change to cure this “problem” but it’s no big deal to turn the drive on before I connect it if necessary. Once I do some digging around in the drive software and whatnot and see what’s what I may come up with a solution that doesn’t require manually turning on the drive.

So, if anybody is having issues with USB 3.0 connections, turn the drive on first, then connect it, see if it works. I don’t know if it’s just me and my laptop or if others are experiencing the same thing, but if anybody is having goofy USB 3.0 issues try what I’ve said, see if it works.

Also, it works perfectly with my TV Live, of course that’s a USB 2.0 connection but still, thought I’d put that note in for those who were curious. Transfered all my movies and tv shows from a 1TB MyBook to this one to use with the TV Live, and it works perfectly.

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Interesting power on drive then connect USB 3 and it works but not the other way. In general there seems to be a bunch of problems with USB 3.0 it appears to have a lot of bugs and conflicts with other software. Did you happen to check thePower options for USB 3 and see if thee is anything there that might cause that?


I normally run into problems than span the “interesting” spectrum. Things can never be simple, my problems always wind up being some weird or strange thing that nobody’s heard of. USB power isn’t the issue, everything is set correctly. I thought about power issues but figured if the drive was powering-up on connectoin, there would be no access issues and it would show up in My Computer and Disk Management. But, who knows, with USB 3.0 I’m sure there’s a ton of goofy stuff happening that has no solution.

I’ll figure it out, but in th emeantime it’s not a big deal to turn the drive on first before connecting. As long as it continues to work properly with the TV Live I’m not overly concerned.