MyBook Essential 2TB : usage with AutoPlay disabled (so no SmartWare welcome screen) uncritical?

Hello there,

I installed my new MyBook Essential 2TB (USB 3.0 + 2.0)yesterday.

Unfortunately the welcome screen was probably blocked by disabled AutoPlay, and because I didn’t

find the pdf manual in time, I dind’t cancel the windows driver installation (as this pdf manual tells).

After the windows driver installation had completed I moved the preinstalled data from the MyBook Essential

to an internal drive (assuming its just optional software, and overlooking the manual) and copied the data I

wanted to backup with a third-party file manager to the new external drive.

Question 1: Is this way of installing and using the drive uncritical?

The two options the pdf manual gives for savely removing the drive (power button or SmartWare

icon in tray) both require having SmartWare installed.

Question 2: Can I also use the Windows - integrated  “Safely Remove Hardware and disconnect Media” without worries? (The knowledge base gives the option explicitly only for old USB 2.0 drives)

Question 3: Can i install SmartWare afterwards without killing the present data?

thanks in advance,



You can use the drive as you choose, the software can be disable and the drive use it as a regular pen drive. Please see the link below:

Thanks. Maybe I tend to worry too much, but data safety is a delicate issue.