MyBook Essential 2tb; on network

I recently bought a linksys EA4500 (N900) and it has a USB port for making devices available on network, such as printers and whatnot. I found on their website, that the MyBook Essential drives were listed as tested and known to work with the router.

I found out my mothers seagate freeagent pro has failed after nearly 10 years of service, I decided to replace it with the MBE 2TB.

Real question:

How do I set this up attached to my router, so my mothers laptop’s photos can be manually (or automatically) backed up, while my computer is still automatically backed up? I had originally plugged it into the router, and am unable to click the “backup” and “retrieve” tabs, after struggling to install the software while attached to the router.

What are my options and best methods?

Hi, smartware wont work if the my book is connected to the router. Try using windows backup instead, check the link below.

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oh really? So if I plug it in to the router, the drive will always be on? is this less preferred than directly to computer, such as less drive life?

The My book will go into sleep mode after a couple of minutes of inactivity, so it doesn’t really matter where you connect it.

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