MyBook Essential 2TB Drive. Is it OK to leave on?

Hello everyone! I’ve got a question as my first post. I recently purchased this 2 TB drive as a media backup (for videos that I rip, create and export) as well as a simple backup for pictures and documents. This drive ISN’T My primary backup. But I am paranoid and I make backups of my computer to another drive every few weeks and my laptop syncs over the data over the network every few days from my desktop. So I am not using this drive as a backup.

I do however use it as a primary drive for my media! I mean, I rip DVDs just in case I break or scratch them. I have some older video games that I rip as well. I have a lot of video that I have exported and I like to keep a copy there as well. I share this drive over my network as to have access to everything on the other computers. Now, my question is, is it ok to leave it on ALL the time?

I imagine it spins down when it’s not in use to save on power.

General rule of thumb, is it OK to leave in and on 24 hours a day? 7 days a week?

Thanks! :smiley:


The unit has been design to be operative all day long, when your computer goes into idle mode the drive will also go into idle, therefore I do not think it will affect your drive at all.