MyBook Essential 2tb Connection problem

I’ve been having this problem for a while and its coming to a point where I can’t take it anymore. The smallest movement on the usb causes it to disconnect from my pc. This is very annoying because its very slow when transfering files and after waiting for 20minutes and just have it disconnect suddenly is annoying. I’ve tried the Amazon USB cable because I’ve been told that it might just be that the original usb is to small…

My question is: Can I transfer all the files in it currently to my pc/another external hard drive, then remove the hard drive from MyBook and place it on a different case?

thanks in advance

First I would definitely copy all important files to a different drive. If replacing the cable didn’t work the problem is either in the USB port or the solder connection holding it to the circuit board. If the drive is still under warranty opening the case will void the warranty. I’m not sire about using the drive in a different case It may have a propierty connection.