Mybook essential 2.0 WD5000H1U-00 Extremely Slow SPEEDS and other problems


I have what im guessing is a older mybook, its the essential 2.0 if im correct (im not very familiar with mybook models) it has a WD5000AAC drive when i pull it up in DLG TOOLS.  The SMART test fails on account of the spin-up time being too slow im guessing? the value is 162, threshold 21, worst 8, warrenty 1.  When i run HD speed (a program to test read rates from the device) i get right below 1 Megabyte of data transfer per second.  Its plugged into my usb 2.0 ports but whenever i plug it in it always says “this device can preform faster” blah blah.  I took apart the enclosure and cleaned out the dust and what not and reconnected the USB - SATA connector that sits on the end of the drive with no luck in improved preformance. 

I am unsure if its the enclosure that has gone bad or if the hard drive itself is failing me.  I dont have a sata cable to try the hard drive directly in my desktop at this time but I am debating on buying one just to find out.  The other odd thing is half the time it shuts off and comes back on from my computer restarting or sleeping it tells me that the drive is not formatted and I must format it to continue. 

I read on the forums that alot of other mybook users were experiencing these slow speeds with no luck.

ive tried:

  1. Changing from quick removal to optomized preformance in the device manager.

  2. Reformatting it to NTFS

  3. Using WD’s reformatting tool for fat32.

  4. Writing zeros to the begining and end of the drive.

  5. Tried it on my high preformance laptop with the same speed results.

  6. diffrent usb ports / cables.

Im at a loss here as to what the problem is and was wondering if anyone out there has found a fix.

Thanks for the read,


Well i guess this would be a bump.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

solved on my own thanks.

I took the mybook apart and got rid of that stupid USB interface card and just made it a internal 500gb drive and now i get great transfer rates. 

75MB read, 90 burst.