MyBook Essential 1TB reset after firmware update

I installed new firmware and drivers for my My Book Essential 1TB drive and now it just blinks the light on the front of the case and thinks that it has never been installed before. It tells me I need to reformat to use the drive. I would like to get at the contents of the drive again. Ideas?

Thank you!

Sorry, no solution. Just a big WARNING!!!

I just installed the firmware update 1.1 to 1.4 and my My Book reformatted. A compete loss of all data without warning or option of confirmation. Just erased it. Erased everything.

No Warning?  No asking for confirmation before erasing entire harddrive? I hope there is a solution, but here is your warning to back up your back up. Really f-ing frustrating and expensive loss for me. Hope this warning is helpful to others.

Chris what is the exact message? Does the drive show up in disk management?


Luckily most of this drive is backed up. I used data recovery software to check the drive and it finds every file on there, but no files show up when I try to enter the drive from My Computer. It just appears to be formatted, but it’s not.

The message I’m getting now is “H:\ is not accessable. The parameter is incorrect.”

At least the data recovery software is working!

Probably the best thing is recover what you want and reformat.


I have recovered my files, thankfully. It won’t let me reformat, but this is my second MyBook with issues so I’m planning on just throwing it in the garbage. Good riddance.

Try deleting the volume then format.


I have the same nightmare - First the firmware upgrade never completed - after approx. 1hr later I clicked on exit - When I went to install it again, I got an error - Now I can see the folders on the drive as if they are there…but when I open them there is nothing (isn’t it super??) When I right-click on the drive letter it still shows that there is data there (on the pie chart) – My question to you is…How can I get my files off this heap of ■■■■ as I have a tremendous desire to toss it far and wide once I GET THEM OFF…I did email tech support but they won’t get back to me till tomorrow…or whenever I suppose.

XCYBORG…Thanking you in advance for a solution.

Is there a fault that comes up? The simplest that sometimes works is to go into device manager and delete the driver disconnect all cables reboot and then plug back in.If it’s a corrupt driver it will load a fresh one. I have used a program on deleted files a couple times Recuva See if they help.


Hi Joe,

No errors come up, everything looks normal until I open a folder and see no files, very weird.

Hi Joe,

I tried Recuva, but it didn’t find anything – Bad Day for me to try to make my external hard drive better.

If you may have any other solution I would be all ears.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Joe,

I just had to let you know that — I GOT IT WORKING  ----   THE FILES ARE INTACT!— what a rollercoaster ride! -  a few hours later my pc crashed and I got a BLUE SCREEN - not good - it rebooted on its own after a while – then I didn’t touch it for another hour or so – then I went back to the zip file for the firmware and the SOB started to install - but this time without stalling - then I powered it off as the directions state - then I installed the WD SMARTWARE UPGRADER - and boom, I opened it and the files are there WOW!!!WEE!!

Thanks for your help - it is nice to know your not alone in these disasters and that we can share our miseries, woes and in this case rare successes.

I’m going to lay down for 10 minutes to charge up for the new day!

Talk to you later!