MyBook Essential 1TB Not Recognized

Hello there,

I have the WD My Book Essential 1TB and have been using it for the past week without any problems. Just recently it stopped being recognized by my PC and laptop. Under the Device Manager it says “WD SES Device USB Device” with a yellow exclamation point under the “Other devices” category.

If I uninstall and scan for new devices, it will occasionally install under “WD Drive Management devices” as “WD SES Device”. This causes it to appear in My Computer as a CD Drive - I am unable to access any files on the hard drive. If I try to access the “CD Drive” it just stays in a constant loading state until the drive is removed from the USB.

When plugged in, the indicator light is lit up and I can hear the disk spinning - nothing seems to be wrong with the actual hard drive.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also, when running the WD SmartWave application it recognizes the hard drive as a ‘My Book Essential’ but says “No writable WD SmartWare partition found.”

thats the same problem im having with my 1.5 TB MYbook Essential,i have been useing it no problem for the last 6 months and just recently it did this, it will blink and blink then stop blinking and SmartWare says the same thing yours does. in my opinion i believe companies today get their merchendies to work past the exchange period at the stores then they ■■■■ out on you, so you have to work through the company and they take their sweet time on helping you to the point were its meaningless and pointless to even bother any more.


At Least Two of MY “BOOKS” - 1 TB and 2 TB will NOT show uo under My Computer. What is it about USB stuff that always seems to be such of a pain to get Windows to work properly with? Sure things have got better, but I still feel USB has some general bugs they need to work out before it will truly be the universial port they are attempting to make it.

Also if ANYBODY here has some thoughts on how to  fix these tupes pf problems getting Windows to reconize the external drives, will feel free to read my thread as well. I sure could use a bump of my thread, as of now I feel as if I am talking to myself in my first post on this site. (Just look for the thread started by Jammer here- maybe on another page).


PS: Good Luck to you and everyone with this problem.

Do You Have A Password Protection For the Drive? If so Have you Unlock it Already ?

Are You Using the drive in Mac or Windows ? Do you Know If it is Formatted for that OS or not?

Is the Smartware VCD Recognized Or nothing at all ? If So Then The drive is Seen But just Needs Basic TS …

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No, there isn’t and never has been a password on the drive. I’m using it in Widows and it is formatted properly.

The Smartware VCD isn’t recognized like it usually is  either - it doesn’t seem to respond in any way.

waynethayer wrote:

Also, when running the WD SmartWave application it recognizes the hard drive as a ‘My Book Essential’ but says “No writable WD SmartWare partition found.”

Check Disk Management.  If the drive is there, then there is a great chance that the partition, or data, got corrupted.  Google data recovery software, and see if you can find one that restores a lost partition.  Hopefully, there’s something out there.

If the drives shipped from the factory with the same random ID attached to them, then the second one won’t show up, and you get the “No Writable Smartware Partition Found” message in Smartware.

Re-formatting the drive will get it a new ID and the drive will be recognizable.

But you might have to go into Disk Management (Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Computer Management – Disk Management) and right-click on the disk to make it “Online” before Windows will let you format it.