MyBook Esseintial installs on USB but no drive is mapped

When I plug in my external drive USB connection, winXP recognizes the new hardware and installs it as a disk drive, but doesn’t map a drive letter  to it.  I cannot manually map it either as it is not found when browsing.  I know this pc is an old boat anchor, but all of our music folders are stored on the MyBook and we would  prefer not to lose them all.

What SP is your XP? SP3 would probably be best. Find  Disk Management on XP and see if it shows there maybe it just needs a letter assigned. I don’t have one handy to look at but I think it’s in Administrative Tools.


I am on SP3.  When I bring up device manager, the MyBook comes up under disk drives under the name WD#%^$0  External Disk Drive.  The symbols in the name above represent a bunch of weird characters that show up that I cannot reproduce. Trouble shooting shows no errors with the drivers or device. 

Did you look it in Disk Management and see if it was there?


Can you see the enclosure with Microsoft’s UVCView utility?

Could you cut and paste the “weird” characters into your next post?

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