MyBook error need to format

I wanted to do a system copy on to MyBook (had 162gb available - needed 1 gb) MyBook couldn’t do it since it is formatted as FAT32. Looked up how to convert to NTFS and started the proceedure. Error msg couldn’t complete disk too fragramented. Got a WD Passport and completed to system copy. But now the MyBook files cannot be viewed - message says disk corrupted do you want to format??? Took it to Geek Squad - no help. I wanted to save some of those files before I reformat- any ideas?

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Since the drive does come up on the computer, have you tried using data recovery software to see if you can recover your files? Normally, if you are able to see the drive on the computer in any way you are able try data recovery software.

You can also check the following link to see data recovery partners, some of the companies have free diagnostic of the drive hope this is helpful: