Mybook Elite and Mybook Live on same network

I’m having a serious problem when I try to connect both my “Mybook Elite 1.5TB” and my “MyBook Live Home 2TB” to the same computer (Obviously the Live Home is connected via the router). If I only connect the MyBook Elite, everything is normal. However, if I connect the Live Home drive, my computer ( Core2 Quad w/6G Ram and Win7 Pro 64b) slows to a crawl. It will take near 20 minutes for Win7 to boot and every time click on anything (not just the drive) it take 30seconds to a minute for my compter to respond. Booting my computer without the MyBook Live drive connected takes maybe 2-3 minutes (with the MyBook Elite connected). I have a analog clock gadget on the screen that displays the second hand. Under normal circumstances (Without the Mybook Live connected) the second hand “ticks” normally. When the MyBook Live is connected, the second hand freezes and then jumps 10 - 15 seconds and then it freezes again, then jumps, etc. The LED lights are also not functioning on the LIVE drive. The Live drive is only 4-6 months old. I have upgraded both the software and the firmware on both drives, but I uninstalled the Smartware software from my computer.

All my Hard drives are WD’s (I have 2 inside and 2 more in external USB2.0 Cases, plus the 2 Mybook Drives) The 2 drive inside my computer are nearly 3 years old and I’ve never had a single problem with them. This new Live Drive is less than 6 months and I’m having issues. I also Have a HP Mediasmart Server with 3 WD 1.5TB drives and one of those went bad. I’m a system administrator and I use WD on everything I build or recommend, I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come from WD.

I hope I haven’t been too long winded explaining my problem, I just wanted to make sure I gave you all the information. 

Well, I can darn near guarantee you that it’s a problem with your computer more than it is the My Book Live.

When the computer is misbehaving, open up the Task Manager and find out what process is consuming your CPU resources.

While I sincerely appreciate your diagnosis, The ONLY time my computer “Misbehaves” is when the MyBook Live is connected to it, otherwise my computer works flawlessly. I’ve been an IT Tech for almost 20 years and a IT Administrator for over 6 years and simple deduction would say the problem is with the MyBook Live Drive (BTW - I did check the Task Manager - the process that ties up my computer when the Live Drive is Connected is

Considering everything that is connected to my computer (5 external HD’s USB & eSata, Segate GoFlex Home, HP Mediasmart Server Ex495, Canon MP640 Printer, HP 1320 Laserjet, BlacX Sata - USB, and a Wacom Tablet).  The only thing that causes it to choke is the MyBook Live Drive and since the LED’s are not working on the Live Drive makes it even more suspect.

My suspicion is the smartware software (I had nothing but Problems with Memeo). I uninstalled it and I’m thinking that because I’m running two (2) MyBook Drives, my computer is having issues separating them when they are both connected ( unfortunately, my theory doesn’t make logical sense because the MyBook Elite connects via USB and the MyBook Live connects via Ethernet (Cat5). Another possiblity is if the Drive inside the Live is a Caviar Green Drive (I don’t know what HD is inside the case). I admit I’m grabbing straws trying to sort this out. In the end, it could simply be a Bad Hard Drive.

You could still be correct, but since both my HP Mediasmart Server and the Segate GoFlex also connect via ethernet and have zero issues, I don’t think it’s a IP conflict or something related to the network. 

Next thing is to try disconnecting the MyBook Elite and connect only the MyBook Live (I don’t know why I haven’t done this already). Thanks for your Help.

We have seen issues like this for a number of reasons.

  1. The Driver Windows installs for the network drive

  2. Internet security and/or some other scanning software actively going through the drive when it is connected.

It has typically been Internet Security software, however backup software and search indexes can also cause similar issues. Make sure Windows isn’t indexing the drive, and make sure  your Internet Security isn’t trying to run an anti-virus/malware scan on the drive.