MyBook Duo Not Useable with DxO Photolab Elite


I have a MyBook Duo that I’ve been using as my main storage drive for my photographs.The drive is set up as a RAID 1 array, and I import my photographs into Adobe Lightroom without an issue. The program sees the drive, writes to the drive, and I can access files through the Mac OS X 10.12 Finder without an issue, as well as within Lightroom without an issue.

However, when I installed DxO Photolab Elite 2 to begin using it, the program doesn’t recognize the drive. It says there are multiple drives with the same UUID assigned. I know there are ways to change the UUID, but I’m not sure it’s something I want to do, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the amount of data that’s on the drive, as well as I would want to save all of the files to another location just to be safe.

Other than inserting yet another drive into my workflow (i.e., import images onto a single drive, and then also copy them onto the MyBook Duo), anyone have an idea how to resolve this issue? As it is, I can’t use the MyBook Duo drive with DxO Photolab Elite.



Yes! you are correct that you might change the UUID settings. while UUID setting make sure the file system, UEFI or partition and volume everything should be same.
This process would not be easy so I would recommend you to please contact the WD or motherboard manufacture. It might help.


Thank you! I was hoping I’d get a response from someone at WD on here. I have sent a support request to them, but haven’t heard back as of yet. I will have to contact them by phone, I suppose.

Thank you again,