MyBook Duo - need to reformat to exFAT

I have a MyBook Duo 8 TB in a “Mirror” Raid 1 setup.

I recently switched to Mac from PC and need to reformat my drive.

My question is: can i reformat these drives to exFAT without deleting the files on the drive? I’m hoping there is a function that formats one disk at a time?

Once you format the drives, everything get delete. You have two options. One, copy the files to somewhere, format “exFAT” then recopy them back to the drives. Two, get a NFTS filesystem read/write for Mac. There should be some free online. WD might have it, go search.


I thought, or hoped i should probably say, that since a Raid 1 is two identical disks, that one could somehow disconnect them from each other and then reformat one at a time and copy from one to the other in two turns.

But, oh well, i’ll just have to go buy an extra drive then. I guess it’s not so bad anyway.