MyBook Duo doesn't update available size after new HD installed

I just upgraded the drives into my NAS and thought to use the two RED 2TB each in my MyBook Duo where I have two Green 1TB drives in RAID1; I switched off the external drive, removed disk A, restart, RAID array being rebuilt, same thing with drive B, array being rebuilt but, surprise, I still only see 1TB available and not 2TB as it should be.

What might this depend on?

Thank you


You have a My Book DUO? That’s not a NAS.
If you have a My Book LIVE Duo, the drive/RAID size is built into the firmware. You’ll have to do a resize manually via the CLI.
The My Book Live is a pretty old system, but perhaps if you search that forum you’ll find instructions.

Yes, a My Book Duo set up in RAID1 and I know it’s not a NAS, I just said I used the HDs off of my NAS to upgrade the capacity from 1TB to 2TB but after the rebuild process both the finder and the WD utility report the My Book to still have 1TB capacity.

p.s. what do you mean by CLI?

I got a phone call out of the WD support, a kind woman calling from abroad (another country in the EU) who kindly told me that the firmware of these products doesn’t allow upgrades so it was based on 1TB drives and would not make any use of bigger disks not to mention the Green ones are not produced any longer and even tho my Red ones are latest tech they can’t get used in the sense would not be recognized but nothing forbids to try, my attempt failed, after hours waiting for the RAID array being reconstructed the total capacity is still the same as the original disks because the firmware doesn’t allow upgrades.

This is the kind of policy which pushes me to look at other beaches…

Thank you WD for the kind support but I am done with you