MyBook Duo: cannot access dashboard nor network

Just bought (Aug '16) a 4Tb MyBook Duo (MBD) to act as media server. Plug it into USB3 slot on a Win 10 PC and drive is seen; copy over all my media files, so far so good. I next plug it first into USB2 slots on router and then a WD TV Live box (previously served by an external WD 500Gb HDD. Not surprisingly MBD is not seen on network.I surmise that some configuration work may be necessary. Googling the problem reveals legions of misadventures with all manner of suggestions one of which is downloading ‘WD Discovery’ (why isn’t this included with the drive’s software?). I do so but it fails to discover MBD wherever I plug it, even the PC.
By now the term ‘dashboard’ has shown up. Somewhere in this forum it’s recommended to key ‘’ in one’s browser. I do so and get a dark blue screen showing a pair of chevrons and a couple of notices which on exploration imply the domain no longer exists and is up for sale. I repeatedly try the default IP address and get timed out.
The user manual doesn’t even mention the word ‘network’ let alone how to configure the connection.
I am not impressed.

The My Book Duo is a USB drive, The WD Discovery is for the native network drives.

The My Book duo and the My Book live Duo are different products.

Check the settings on the router to make sure that the firewall is not blocking the connection of the drive.

Are you able to see other devices over the network from your PC?