MyBook Duo - Can you just buy the RAID Enclosure?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to just buy the RAID enclosure for the WD MyBook Duos? I already own two 20TB MyBook Duos, and had the opportunity to buy two 8TB WD RED NAS drives at a cheap price so I snapped them up - and I’d like to set them up into another Raid enclosure. I was about to purchase another branded RAID enclosure, but being a bit OCD and also liking the look of the MyBook Duo cases, I’d love to get a one exactly the same as the other two if it’s possible to do so.

It’s not super important. Just so I don’t have an anxiety attack over the fact that I don’t have 3 identical RAID enclosures sitting side by side on my desk. #FirstWorldProblems, hey?