Mybook Duo 4TB with Mybook 4tb connected via USB, no share viewable?

Hey All, I have a Mybook Duo that cant “see” any share with a Mybook 4TB connected via USB. It does show up on icon with 0MB of 0/mb available. If i disconnect this drive and connect my Silicon Power external drive, I can see a USB share. The WD Updater says my Mybook USB drive is up to date on firmware. Any ideas?

I assume you meant My Book Live Duo… You posted in the My Cloud EX4 forum, but that screenshot looks nothing like the EX4’s GUI.

If the My Book Live is reporting 0/0, it can’t read the disk. Simple as that. Could be because the partition type or format is unsupported.

You might be able to SSH into the My Book Live and examine the system logs to find more information.

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